Today, it's pretty much inconceivable that a business would not have a website advertising its services, and the rise of social networking has meant that many businesses consider a presence on Facebook and Twitter essential as well.

A website can be a simple advert, a glossy brochure, a hub of dynamic information about your business, a shop front, or the very service you are selling.

Another important aspect of creating a website is integration with the rest of your company - this is not just for shopping sites! For example, could you benefit from customers being able to update their own details? Or view and pay invoices?

We can create a simple static website very quickly, however more usually you would want a content management system. We use WordPress for simple sites, due to its ease of setting up and unbeatable range of off-the-shelf plugin functionality, but most of our sites use the Umbraco open-source CMS for its power and ease of bespoke development.

Intranets & Back-Office

An intranet is effectively a secured area of your website for staff, and is useful for make company information accessible out of hours. For example, staff could view holiday bookings, make holiday requests and read internal news and announcements.

There are also many advantages to making your back-office processes available on an intranet - it gives you flexibility to allow teleworking, and it greatly simplifies expanding to more than one office location.

We specialise in creating bespoke systems that not only provide these benefits, but that also streamline your day to day tasks helping you get more of the important work done.

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Example Work


A website can be everything from a few pages advertising your business to a fully interactive application running the whole show.

We can create a CMS based site with as much custom functionality as you need.

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Your company data is your most important asset. We specialise in moving old Access databases to multiuser SQL solutions to support your growing business.

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eBusiness covers all aspects of doing business electronically, from an online shopping cart processing credit card payments to automated electronic invoicing using industry standards such as EDIFACT.

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Not everything is on the web yet!

Sometimes it is necessary for an application to be desktop based.

We develop bespoke Windows applications for EDI, file conversion and many other things.

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