Many small businesses start off managing their business data using a set of Excel spreadsheets. These are usually set up by the company owner, who knows exactly how the company works and so are usually a very useful tool when the business is small.

However, as the business grows, they have many problems - they are not easily shared with other workers, they are usually not suited for entering large amounts of data, they do not provide a clear view of your data and they are extremely prone to errors in data entry - usually an Excel based system will contain a lot of duplicate data, all spelled slightly differently.

Just as importantly, Excel based systems are often very difficult to search - a problem when clients want an answer quickly!

At this point, your business would benefit from moving towards a proper database based management system.

We use both Microsoft SQL Server and the free database MySQL to provide fast and reliable data storage and backup, and specialise in creating front-end interfaces for this that greatly simplify data entry, validation, searching and reporting.

Interfaces - getting at your data

We would normally create an intranet, a secure web browser based interface to the database - the advantages of this are that it is very easy to add more users into the system, and the system, being a collection of web pages, is very easy to extend.

If you want total control over your data then you could run your servers in your own office - or if you wanted more teleworking flexibility the intranet could be hosted as a website.

Either way, it allows all of your workers to see the data they need to see and do the work they need to do at all times.

Microsoft Access

It is very common for businesses to be using a Microsoft Access based system in the office. While these can be very useful and highly functional, they do have limitations - they begun to suffer beyond a small amount of users, creating database corruption that takes time to fix from backups, they are not suitable at all for multiple locations and they are often difficult to extend.

If you are experiencing this and particularly if your business is expanding, we would definitely recommend a SQL / intranet based system.

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Example Work


A website can be everything from a few pages advertising your business to a fully interactive application running the whole show.

We can create a CMS based site with as much custom functionality as you need.

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Your company data is your most important asset. We specialise in moving old Access databases to multiuser SQL solutions to support your growing business.

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eBusiness covers all aspects of doing business electronically, from an online shopping cart processing credit card payments to automated electronic invoicing using industry standards such as EDIFACT.

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Not everything is on the web yet!

Sometimes it is necessary for an application to be desktop based.

We develop bespoke Windows applications for EDI, file conversion and many other things.

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