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About Photo Search

cFront Software Photo Search for Facebook allows you to easily perform free text searches on all your photos, searching captions, tagged people, tags that are not linked to friends, and comments.

It grew out of the fact that Rob, as a keen amateur photographer, got fed up with the fact that he could never find any photos on Facebook that weren't in a recent album, and couldn't tag his photos with keywords in the same way as Flickr.

We decided to create the app as both a more useful search and a technology demo.

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App Privacy Policy

We collect captions, tags and comments for your photos when you search.

We only use these to provide you with fast search results within the Photo Seach App.

We only keep them for the duration of your session - a maximum of 4 hours after you last use the Photo Search App - after that they are automatically deleted.

We do not collect any other data.

We do not pass on any data to any third parties.


The Photo Search App will also set a cookie so it can remember your search settings.

This is a single anonymous number and contains no personal information.


The Photo Search App is built in C# using  the .NET Facebook SDK. Authentication is done by linking that library and the Facebook Javascript API.

Photos are retrieved by making repeated calls to the Graph API until all pages of albums and photos have been retrieved, then the JSON response is converted to an XML snapshot of current photo information. This is cached so subsequent searches within the same session do not have to call Facebook's servers.

Matching photos are flagged in the XML DOM, and then an XSL transform is applied to generate the list of results.

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