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What cFront do for Tigerlily Training

Due to our involvement in Tigerlily's childcare side, they asked us to take over their pre-existing training website in order to add functionality and make updates etc.

The first thing we did was to convert the existing PayPal button system for booking courses to use RBS WorldPay integration, in order to cut down on per-transaction costs.

Integration with Worldpay includes setting up an order capture system to collect customer details, passing those to the WorldPay servers in a defined format, and creating a page that WorldPay notifies when the transaction is complete. The site must also adhere to WorldPay guidelines for online payments.

As they required increasing functionality from the booking system, we have since created a complete database backed management system for course bookings that completely automates the booking process, and includes management reporting capability.

We also created a web service for the training site that allows other sites within the Tigerlily group to get a live list of all current courses and easily click back to take bookings.


In order to enable code reuse across all of the Tigerlily group, the majority of the site is built in JScript on an ASP platform, with SQL Server as the database.

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