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What cFront do for the Property Codes Compliance Board

The PCCB maintains a register of firms committed to operating in accordance with the Property Search industry Codes of Practice.

When cFront developed this application, PCCB were running their business processes using a set of large linked Excel spreadsheets. Most of the work was done manually, including the storage of documents relating to each client, invoicing, and recording the results of compliance checks that PCCB staff carried out.

We migrated their existing data into a newly developed back-office web based system that allows PCCB to easily manage all of these things from a single application, and provide greatly enhanced functionality, including easy searching of the database of companies, logging of activity, management reporting, integrated emails to groups of companies etc.

As it is web based, it allows all PCCB staff to log on wherever they are and access data and functions they need for their role within the company.

We took over management of their existing website and integrated the new system with it, including viewing and searching the register of firms, and registration requests from new companies.


The website and application is built in ASP.NET using SQL Server as the database.

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