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Logic Certification provide certification services for gas engineers. This was managed in the office within a Microsoft Access application.

The business had grown too large to keep using Access - too many users accessing the system meant database corruptions were frequent, and data was having to be re-keyed into backups.

We migrated all of the existing data into a SQL Server database and built a new interface using an intranet / web browser based system.

The system allows complete management of the certification process, from when marked exam papers are received through to printing the certificates and ID cards if all the paperwork is in order.

We also provide a barcoded cover page to pass on to a document management company who archive the exam papers.

A key requirement of the brief was to eliminate a lot of bottlenecks; many processes were based on smaller business and required a lot of manual repetition. We went through the existing system with staff to identify these and built the new interface to automate as much as possible, and to provide very quick and simple entry of large amounts of data, whilst following the strict validation requirements.

Extensive management reporting is included.

The process is fully audit logged at each stage.


The application is an intranet application installed on Logic Certification's own servers.

It is built entirely in ASP.NET, and to provide advanced interface functionality and responsiveness makes extensive use of AJAX techniques. These are used both for an enhanced user experience, and for example, to provide the interface with access to the sophisticated validation and other business logic required.

Because the application is a local install, we wrote a custom reporting engine that can print directly to office printers in order to easily batch produce both the certificates and the ID cards - both of which require exact control of the print layout.

In addition, the ID card printer had a driver not compatible with later versions of Windows Server platforms, so we wrote a desktop application in .NET to retrieve the card layouts as XML and send the rendered layout directly to the printer on request.

The database is a SQL Server install, providing scalability of the business for the forseeable future.

We also provide integration with the Gas Safe Register, formerly CORGI Registration.

About Logic Certification

Logic Certification is one of the UK Building Services Industries foremost certification bodies, offering training and assessment packages through our network of over 160 approved assessment centres throughout the UK.


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