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What cFront do for Tigerlily Childcare

cFront started off doing development work to add functionality and repair some issues with the existing Tigerlily system. We have since helped migrate the system to a new server and have undertaken extensive development work to add functionality and improve the web application's performance.

We have added administration functions to allow Tigerlily to change aspects of the system that previously required developer time, and provided XML feeds of vacancy data to third party job boards.

Our work has also included improving the site's SEO, including sIFR and links to the social networking sites Facebook® and Twitter that are automatically updated from site content.


The existing site was a legacy ASP site written in VBScript with a SQL Server database. In order to avoid an expensive complete rewrite we fixed the outstanding bugs with the existing system and created new functionality, still using ASP, but with JScript as the scripting language, that would easily run alongside the existing system - and that could also be included in legacy code as an incremental improvement process.

We also wrote some ASP.NET modules for functionality that could not be easily reproduced in ASP.

The site uses simple server-to-server web services to talk to postcode geocoding services, and also to pick up data from other Tigerlily sites.

About Tigerlily Childcare

Tigerlily Childcare is one of the UK's leading Nanny, Nursery and Maternity Recruitment Agencies, providing Nannies and Maternity Nurses to families and all levels of Nursery staff to Day Nurseries across the UK.


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